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    1号娱乐下载‘You can’t speak any French?’


    ‘I have said the ladder was a peculiar one. Here is a sketch of its shape so far as I could learn it. You will see that it is short and wide with the ends shaped differently.
    ‘I happened to notice your advertisement, M. La Touche, for Mlle. Lambert, and it set me thinking. And when I found, M. Mallet, that you and your friend were shadowing me, I thought still more. As a result of my cogitations I employed a private detective, and learnt from him the identity of both of you and what you were engaged on. When I learnt that you had found Mlle. Lambert, I guessed you would soon discover the typewriter, and sure enough, my detective soon after reported that you had purchased a second-hand No. 7 Remington. Then I had the carter, Dubois, shadowed, and I thus learnt that you had discovered him also. I have to compliment you, M. La Touche, on the cleverness with which you found out these matters.’
    ‘It’s the same one,’ he said confidently. ‘I know, because I thought that split was the shape of my hand, and so it is.’


    1.The Inspector questioned him closely about the position of the house, finally instructing him to return to his post behind the tree and await developments.
    2.‘I am afraid not, monsieur. I believe he has gone out,’ answered the clerk who had come over to attend to him. ‘But if you will take a seat for a moment I shall ascertain.’
    3.‘A wide brim? Not that I noticed. But it may have had.’
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